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Home Inspections

Certified NYS Home Inspector Firm License # 16000002892
NYS Licensed Mold Assessor # 00133 

internachi_gold_logo.jpgNew York State has implemented very strict guidelines for
Home Inspectors, and we take these very seriously.
To view the Guidlines  click here.

We abide by the NYS Code of Ethics, which exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity in furtherance of the honor of the home inspection profession. To view the Code of Ethics, click here.
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What does our Property Inspection Report look like?
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Why You Need a Home Inspection?


What kinds of things can be found
during a home inspection?

  Sure, there are the obvious cosmetic damages.....

  Like the water damage on this interior window sill... 
But the real question is, where is it coming from?
Is there damage to the siding?  the interior walls? wet wood attracts pests.... 

Or a "slight" dip in the corner of a porch....porch.JPG

where the floor joists/supports have deteriorated...

Is this from moisture or insects....? Could be BOTH!!



This Chimney sits atop a front_of_house.JPG2 1/2 story colonial home.

Very difficult to get a good look

at it from the ground.

The owner never noticed it until

we showed him the photo.....WOW!

This is a "handyman" wiring job of      extension_cord_wiring.JPG 
            a garbage disposal switch,
      Located in the cabinet, below the sink.
         Not only is there exposed wiring,
       but the orange "wiring''is cut from a
           piece of an extension cord!
Charred floor joists in basement...past fire??  100_7058.JPG
Mold in attics , and basements... 100_7079.JPG  100_7083.JPG 103_2847.JPG

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So,,,,,, what kinds of things
can an inspector find
 during a home inspection??

Sometimes nothing severe, and other times.......even I am surprised!!
Let's just say, it's YOUR money. We won't tell you to buy it, or not buy it.

But we will give you a detailed analysis of the condition of the property!!

The inspection is ours, but the ultimate decision is yours.........

Know the facts!

Know what you're investing your money in!!

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The EPA RRP Rule  *
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Mold Inspection * Mold assessment * NYS Mold Assessor Lic #00133  
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Rochester, New York
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We are certified NYS Home Inspection Firm License # 16000002892

NYS Licensed Mold Assessor # 00133 
Mold Assessment - Mold Inspection 
Email us @   info@leadpaintpros.com 
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Phone: (585) 721-7770
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Mold Assessor - Mold Inspection
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New painting law for Contractors and Remodelers
Mold Assessment * Mold Testing * Mold Inspection 

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