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NYS Home Inspection License #16000002892
NYS Mold Assessor # 00142
EPA Risk Assessor License # NY-R_13541-4
EPA Lead Inspector License #  1-1151836
EPA Certified Firm License # NY-14855-7  


For 3rd Party Lead Wipe Testing
( req'd by City of Rochester) 
Please visit our lead paint site
for important information
(click below)
**NEW** NY State Mold Law - Effective January 1, 2016
(read more about it below) 

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Also....be aware of Lead Based Paint-Local Ordinance in Rochester......... 

 In Rochester, NY  properties requiring C of O's ,built before 1978, are now subject to a visual deteriorated paint inspection and/or lead dust wipe test to determine presence of lead based paint hazards. This is in response to the new Lead Based Paint Ordinance enacted by the City of Rochester in July, 2006.  Read the complete text of the ordinance (click here)

Have you received a "violation" notice
from the
City of Rochester Neighborhood Service Centers
regarding deteriorated paint? Or requiring a
 3rdparty lead clearance exam? Or lead dust hazard

We've provided hundreds of these tests!
Let our experience and advice work for YOU!!
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    Our Fee for 3rd Party/dust wipe clearance exams is: 

                                                   Total test ... $ 185

                      (multiple unit discounts available)


                 Our service includes:

  • 48 hr lab time analysis
  • complete report sent to you typically in (5) business days.... or less
  • Upon request, at no charge, deliver completed report to the City office, and mail/email client copy.
  • Retesting:  Should you fail any dust wipes, we reduce our rate for retesting to $60 plus, $10 per sample (applies only to 4 samples or less). More than (4) fails, requires complete test
  • Optional: next day lab results at additional fee

      •    Call for an appointment

For Lead Paint Testing  -  Call Joe  @ 585-626-2627  
For Home inspections, Mold Inspections  - Call Jim 585-721-7770 
*Special* Save $15 (coupon code 6452) 
Out-of-state Landlords.....No additional fee, just ask & we'll deliver the necessary final 3rd party lead clearance exam reports directly to the local city office, and email a copy to you!!
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We have performed 3rd party lead clearance testing for landlords coast-to-coast, and realize the importance of a dependable, trustworthy company when involved in long distance transactions.
Homeowners, do you know ...
           about the new EPA Rule?
Protect yourself, your families.....


EPA Lead Paint RULE 
"Renovation, Remodeling, and Painting Rule" 
The EPA’s Renovation, Repair & Painting regulation requires any persons distubing potential lead based paint in target housing (pre-78) to become RRP Certified Renovators, by taking a new one-day course about using "Lead Safe Work Practices" on the job. Contractors/Property Mgrs/ Landlords who violate the RRP regulations may face fines in excess of $32K per violation per day.
For more info visit:  www.epa.gov/lead
mold inspections
mold assessor
mold inspector 
 Regulations Effective January 1, 2016
All professionals involved in mold remediation and mold assessment must be licensed by NYs Department of Labor 
To view the bill....click here 
Mold assessment plans are required PRIOR to mold rediation taking place. After the mold assessment has been done,
you may choose any licensed mold remediator to perform the work, according the mold assessor plan.
 Mold Remediation Work Standards 
*Can a licensed mold remediator perform work on a project for a client without an assessment from a licensed mold assessor?

No.  Labor Law Article 32 Section 946 (1) provides that a licensed mold remediator cannot perform work on a project without an assessment performed by a licensed assessor.
 Before beginning site preparation work, the law requires that a licensed remediator:
Obtain a copy of the licensed mold assesssor's mold remediation plan from the client;
prepare a mold remediation work plan ("work plan") that fulfills all of the requirments of the licensed assessor's mold remdiation plan; and
provide a copy of the newly prepared "work plan" to the client.

*Can a licensed mold remediator also perform the assessment on the same project?
 No.  Labor Law Section 936 (2), states that no licensee shall perform both mold assessment and mold remediation on the same project.  If the licensed mold remediator on a project engages in assessment conduct that would otherwise be performed by a licensed mold assessor on that project, the licensed mold remediator has violated Section 936 of the Labor Law.  This inlcudes the practice of providing the client with "fill-in-the-blank" assessment form.
*Can a licenensed mold remediator perform work on a project without an assessment if the owner of the home or property provides a waiver? 
No.  The Labor Law does not allow a licensed mold remediator to perform work on a project without an assessment from a licensed mold assessor.  In addition, Labor Law Section 936 prohibits a licensee from performing both the mold assessment and the mold remediation on the same project. 
We are licensed to provide  NYS Mold Assessments
Residential Mold Assessments ....Starting at $200 
For a mold assessment, please call 585-721-7770  
Mold Inspector  *  Mold Assessments * Mold Inspections 

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Government Funds are available for home renovations  $$$
Resources for funding to help make your property lead based paint safe:(click link below) 
Investment properties on Rochester, NY  

Remodeling an older home?

If you are remodeling a structure built prior to 1978, you may want to consider a 3rd Party lead dust wipe clearance examination after the work is completed. Or better yet, have the paint XRF tested professionally prior to beginning work. This is an EPA lead testing procedure which can help verify the interior was cleaned up properly, and there is no trace of residual lead based paint dust.  This is particularly important if there are children in the home are 6 yrs old or younger, or if a child has an elevated blood lead level, or if anyone is pregnant. Lead is a neurotoxin to young children, and is proven to cause permanent brain damage.  

Be sure to discuss lead based paint testing /concerns with your contractor PRIOR to  signing the contract, and possibly withholding some of the final payment until the home has achieved a 3rd party lead clearance exam
through a dust wipe lead test by us, an EPA Certified firm.


   Parents & Grandparents

When your children or grandchildren come to your home, are you sure is it lead safe? Lead dust from 40-50-60 years of remodeling can remain in the home, and is virtually invisible to the naked eye.  
Have you looked for deteriorated paint? Or possibly, if there is lead dust residue in the house from previous work performed over the many years? 
A simple lead test / dust wipe testing, xrf testing or risk assessment can help you find out. The samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Basement walls, posts, attics, windows, radiators, closets, old play sets in the yard, garages, old clothes poles, or an old fence can all be sources of lead paint poisoning.

Interstate Property Inspections Inc can provide you with a  Lead Hazard Home Evaluation, including dust wipe analysis, for as little as $200

Have a dispute with a contractor ?? 
 Call the Better Contractors Bureau (BCB) @ 585-338-3600
Buying a new home?  visit our next page  Home Inspection /FAQ (click here)    
Investment property in Rochester, NY         Mold Inspections * Mold Assessment * Mold Inspector


There is no "safe" radon level

EPA's recommendations to homeowners:

  • If your radon level is 4 pCi/L or higher, fix your home.
  • If your radon level is 2 pCi/L or higher, consider fixing your home.

Odorless and invisible, Radon gas permeates through concrete floors and basement walls,

and is the #2 cause of lung cancer ....behind cigarette smoking.

 SAVE $$ Save $15 off any lead testing service - Code 6452  SAVE $$

Call us today at ... 585-721-7770
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So,,,,,, what kinds of things
can an inspector find
 during a home inspection??

Sometimes nothing severe, and other times.......even I am surprised!!
Let's just say, it's YOUR money. We won't tell you to buy it, or not buy it.

But we will give you a detailed analysis of the condition of the property!!

The inspection is ours, but the ultimate decision is yours.........

Know the facts!

Know what you're investing your money in!!

The EPA RRP Rule  *  Renovation Rule *
The EPA RRP Rule  *
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Rochester, New York
Lead paint law for Contractors * Remodelers
New painting law for Contractors and Remodelers
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We are certified NYS Home Inspection Firm License # 16000002892

NYS Licensed Mold Assessor # 00133 
Mold Assessment - Mold Inspection 
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Mold Assessor - Mold Inspection
Lead paint law for Contractors * Remodelers
New painting law for Contractors and Remodelers
Mold Assessment * Mold Testing * Mold Inspection 

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